About Inspired by Charlie

Our logo is a replica of a “Charlie Inspired” keepsake rock that was received at the memorial service for our namesake. Charlie was never seen without his signature round glasses and handlebar mustache.

Here at Inspired by Charlie, quality and wellness are key focuses of our corporate values. We pride ourselves in being a contributor to informing the public on the benefits of genuine CBD products.

Certainly you’ve noticed the recent boom in the industry. You can find CBD products everywhere from gas stations to health food stores. As the industry has progressed, we’ve noted a disconcerting pattern with many pop-up CBD companies. Labels are misleading, products are overpriced, and many times contain little to no CBD. At Inspired by Charlie, we prioritize the highest standards of quality and transparency, ensuring that every product we offer is meticulously crafted from the finest ingredients. Our commitment to research and innovation drives us to constantly explore new ways to harness the full potential of CBD, enabling us to offer cutting-edge formulations that deliver optimal results.